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Hype manifesto for the new era of luxury

Our Philosophy
While some may still associate luxury with opulence and glitz, at Hype Project we believe that now is the time to reveal its new definition. Below is our Manifesto for the new era of luxury. The rules we apply day after day to create a new lifestyle for the contemporary elite, successful people who wish to transcend to a new dimension of living.


Light is a vital aspect in architecture and interior design and influences our daily mood and perception. Our approach is to create smart light scenarios: we highlight various areas and important objects, keeping the overall atmosphere always coherent. We regard the space in a scenographic manner, according to the unique and particular narrative of its inhabitants: cozy, romantic, raw, masculine and so on.

Hype Philosophy - Light
Hype Philosophy - Texture


Being minimalists at heart we cherish tactile textures and their overwhelming power to evoke strong emotions. The distinctive smoothness of velvet. The supple, grainy touch of leather. The comforting feel of soft nubuck. The genuine experience of wood, this ancient friend of humankind, under your fingertips. Need we carry on?


Curved, bubbly, rectangular, organic, high, low, minimalist... At Hype Project, we believe that form settles the flow in interior design. Our interest is to provide supreme comfort, day after day, so our priority is to use ergonomic volumes for the wellbeing they offer – because beauty is great only when preceded by functionality.

Hype Philosophy - Form
Hype Philosophy - Know How


It’s time to talk about Expert Touch. The invisible force behind that WOW effect, impossible to capture into words or physically contain.

One can call it talent, hard work, intuition, or attitude. We believe it’s a bit of all these, plus a particular sixth sense that we have been developing throughout more than 20 years.

The “Hype Spirit” allows us to access unknown territories and take any project beyond the familiar boundaries.


A #Hyped lifestyle ensures systems and finishes are perfectly combined and engage all senses and feelings. To create supreme comfort, we focus on several key-elements:


Today, a home is a refuge from the chaotic world and silence is essential. We use acoustic insulation techniques to obtain noise control and offer the quieting sensation demanded by contemporary beneficiaries.


Has enormous power. To us, water means health, therefore quality filtered water is a must-have in any Hyped dwelling


Home scenarios and automation for a more convenient, safe, and energy-efficient home.


Has a tremendous force that we like to embrace. Each Hyped Collection carries a particular fragrance that maximizes its ambiance and mood.

Full Management

Last but not least, we offer invisible comfort from the first stage. The interior design process involves a high level of stress for any beneficiary. We take charge and full responsibility throughout the entire process, to minimize the stress of the beneficiary. We ensure all efforts take place smoothly and invisibly.

Immerse yourself in the new era of luxury. Check the Five Hype Collections, carefully curated from Our Philosophy.