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Transcending expectations towards a new lifestyle


Architecture & Design

We offer high-end concept-to-completion design services, so you can focus on the more exquisite aspects of life.

  • Moodboard and Concept
  • 3D-Renderings
  • Detailed floorplans and layouts
  • Technical Drawings
  • Budget planning
  • Sourcing furnishings, fabrics, lighting
  • Engineer coordination
  • Showrooms & factories private visits
  • Author supervision (in-person site inspections)
  • Tender Support
  • Supply and Logistics Management
  • Space decoration
  • Consultancy and full support throughout the entire process

We are lifestyle designers in the new era of luxury, that bring more comfort, functionality, and beauty to homes all over the world.

Minimalist in aesthetic yet timeless in character, our design incorporates the strength of our core elements, detailed in our Manifesto. Our five signature collections ensure every Hyped residence boosts its value through design and becomes a source of elevation and self-definition.

Trusted partners

Italy is design, and design is Italy. This is why 90% of our trusted brands are globally acclaimed companies Made in Italy. Our partners share similar philosophies and are ambassadors of the new era of luxury.

Our team

Victor Grosu

Victor Grosu

Creative Director, Founder Hype Project
Adrian ianculescu

Adrian ianculescu

Taisia Stîncă

Taisia Stîncă

Lead Interior Designer
Cătălina Tofan

Cătălina Tofan

Lead Interior Designer
Cristina Petrescu

Cristina Petrescu

Acquisition Project Manager